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Our Birmingham surveyors have advised owners of properties about defective roofs over a number of years. The most common problems with pitched roofs seen are life expired slate, usually because the nails have corroded, and frost damaged tiles. Problems with flat roofs are usually due to poor choice of a deck material combined with poor ventilation which results in the deck deteriorating. The other problem with flat roofs is a lack of maintenance. Felt roofs in particular are very vulnerable to damage caused by heat and need annual maintenance after a period of time. The nature of the most other problems that we have seen have been inflicted by rouge builders who have little if any training or experience of dealing with roofs. Structural problems are usually caused by interference from DIY enthusiasts and rouge builders attempting conversion and extensions.

Our surveyors can advise on whether and what type of repair and maintenance of older roofs require. We can also write reports where there has been poor workmanship for use in court. However, the nature of rouge builders is that judgements are hard to enforce against them and we recommend that clients check out the prospects of recovering any money from proceedings before risking more money in what can be expensive court proceedings that often drag out for years.


Extensive poor workmanship and un-necessary recovering of a roof on a Birmingham 1980s detached house following from a small water leak

Here the builder did not understand the cause of water ingress and went on to largely recover the whole of the front face of the roof which was completely un-warranted and done in a very poor manner. The builder also claimed to have recovered the rear face of the roof but we could find no evidence that this had actually been done.


Poor workmanship seen by our Birmingham surveyors during the recovering a 1930's roof.

Here most of the failures were due to poor planning before laying any tiles.


Surveyors report on cowboy cowboy builders recovering of a 1960's Birmingham roof which is likely to have been completely un-necessary.

This Birmingham roof has been un-necessarily recovered by cow boy roofers with a novel drainage idea for a flat roof. The work was poorly carried out and they managed to fall through the ceiling of a flat roof. 


Poor recovering of a shallow pitched roof in Birmingham that our surveyors considered was likely to have been life expired.


Here the properties had very shallow roofs in an attempt to save money. The problem is that overtime the tiles wear and the overlaps become vulnerable to penetration in driving rain or particuarly snow which is very fine. Not content with making a poor job of the subject property's roof the roofer had sawn through the battens on the adjacent property leaving their tiles unsupported. Tiles were laid at inadequate overlap for the fall of the roof and the potential for rain penetration was exacerbated by loose lining sheets.


Reports on defective roofs by BIRIMINGHAM WEST BROMWICH SOLIHULLL REDDITCH RICS Chartered Surveyors

BIRIMINGHAM WEST BROMWICH SOLIHULLL REDDITCH Chartered Surveyors for expert witness reports on defective roofs