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Steve Butler Surveyor has lived near to Birmingham all his life and is thus very familiar with the area. He trained in Birmingham to undertake his Chartered Surveyors examinations. Steve has been surveying, valuing and managing a portfolio of properties in Birmingham since qualifying as Chartered Surveyor in 1992. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors which is an independent professional body established by Royal Charter. Since 1868 the RICS has been setting and upholding the highest standards of excellence and integrity. It is the world's leading professional body for surveyors. Steve Butler has also passed the Government's Home Inspector Examinations and is a qualified commercial energy surveyor and associate member of the Chartered Institution of Legal Executives.

Steve Butler Chartered Surveyors are entirely independent of any estate agents lenders or mortgage brokers and not not pay introductory fees ensuring our independence.

Our surveyors have lived in or owned properties of all types and ages in many parts of the West Midlands and Birmingham so we have considerable local knowledge of most areas, and practical experience of owning and maintaining many types and ages of property.


Photographs from a structural survey of a 1950' Birmingham Property

Front of a bungalowPatched roof repairMetal framed windowWet roof strcutureMissing insulation

Our Birmingham Surveyors noted the thin roof and sides of the dormer are likely to have limited if any insulation. The Structural Survey report suggested that improvement of these areas might be difficult.

Our RICS surveyors noted extensive moss growth which is often an indicator that there is no insulation in the roof. The Structural Survey report advised that the moss will block rainwater goods and impede water flow off the roof. Our surveyors noted that a downpipe blocked probably due to moss catching in the bend.

The structural survey report noted that blanket insulation had been stuffed into the angled roof voids. Our Birmingham Surveyors recommended the whole void should be insulated with ridged insulation that will allow air to flow over and remove condensation

The back of the roof void partitions had no insulation. Our surveyors considered that this was relatively easy and inexpensive to rectify.

Damp skirting board rotting were noted during the full structural survey. Our RICS surveyors thought that the damp was caused by a poor juncture of the floor and wall and easy to rectify.


Report from a RICS Homebuyers Survey of a property near Birmingham

Old buildingDry rot decayDangerous boilerBeetle infestationBlocked coal drop

The problems in found in this Birmingham building survey were all caused by the blocking up of a former coal drop and a lack of any other underfloor vents. Without good ventilation cellars become damp. Still air also encourages dry rot which had infested a timber door frame. The problem with dry rot is that it can travel from a source of moisture to other parts of the building which are dry, and if disturbed the fruits can expel millions of spores. The cellar also had a small plant growing on the wall which is probably wet rot. Beetles also like damp timber. Dust from their boring has been trapped by the cobwebs. The cellar also contained an open flued boiler which in an unventilated cellar would cause an extreme danger of carbon monoxide poisoning


Birmingham surveyors building survey and report on a 1910 semi detached house

Front of 1910 houseDamaged plasterWater leakDamp damaged plasterOld garden wall

This property has been constructed with a shared side path and side doors to reduce plot width saving land costs. The walls are solid and will be cold.

The property also has an angled ceiling in the annex again to reduce the expense of constructing full room height walls. The angle is unlikely to be insulated and will be cold and prone to condensation. It may be possible to push rigid insulation down from the roof void. Stuffing soft insulation into the angles should be avoided as it prevents ventilation encouraging condensation.

Our Birmingham property surveyors were unconcerned by a solider arch that had dropped as it was probably due to historic foundation movement and as the bricks drop they jamb tightly together thus repairing the arch.

Our property surveyors were much more concerned by a leaking downpipe as the water can easily soak through the solid walls. Large escapes of water can trigger dry rot decay.

Our property surveyors were also alerted by a missing chimney breast. Most pre WWII reception rooms have a chimney breast. The lack of one in this room may be indicated to our property surveyors that the first floor attic chimney breast is no longer supported.


RICS CPR35 Expert Witness Surveyors Reports for Court

Steve Butler has completed the RICS Expert Witness Training Certificate to ensure that my expert reports for Boundaries, Rights of Way, Property Valuations, Negligent Surveys and Workmanship Disputes continue to be of the highest standard.

The thirty hour course includes Agreeing the Terms of Engagement, Managing the Appointment, Expert Meetings, Effective Report Writing and the all important Witness Box. As part of the course an expert report was prepared for cross examination in the witness box by a leading barrister.


RICS Chartered Surveyors Expert Witness CPR 35 compliant Report for Birmingham County Court

An OrangeryPoorly laid blocksUndermined foundationChannels in concrete floorTimber frame and wall

This Birmingham RICS Surveyors Expert Witness report report related to an extension with lantern roof that had been constructed in the place of a relocated conservatory The relocated conservatory was at high risk of fracturing as no ground preparation had been undertaken before pouring the concrete foundations.  The extension floor has been laid at the wrong level and had a slope in it as it approached the existing house. The slope has created a dam that filled up whist the extension roof had yet to be constructed causing a pond of water to distort the existing dwellings door.  It appears that the installation of the underfloor heating elements had been forgotten when pouring the floor as channels had been retrospectively cut out to house them. Unfortunately, the channels bared no relationship to any underfloor heating elements on the market and made no provision for insulation to stop heat loss to the ground. The channels would also have resulted in the heating elements being too widely spaced. The roof structure had not been bolted together properly and steel lintels were sitting on out of plumb bearings which are likely to cause the bearing to try and rotate. A bock wall rocked when pushed with a hand. Our RICS Expert Surveyor thought that the extension would have to be demolished.


RICS Surveyors for Valuations including Help to Buy Valuations Birmingham

Our RICS surveyors undertake residential property valuations for all types of purpose such as matrimonial disputes, probate and insolvency. We are fully familiar with the requirements for Help to Buy Valuations




Birmingham Surveyors for RICS Homebuyers Surveys and Reports, Structural Surveys and Building Surveys


Birmingham Wasps nests discovered by our Chartered Surveyors during a Birmingham Homebuyers Survey. These are only small examples, completed ones can be about as big as a football. They are no harm to the property and can be left unharmed unless the wasps are actually causing a nuisance, although most people never know that they have been there. The become extinct in winter and the Queen moves on.

A Homebuyers Survey and Report by our Chartered Surveyors noted a missing earthing wire in Birmingham. The pipes below the boiler should have a green and yellow sleeve connecting back to an earth. Lack of earthing makes it dangerous to use metal light fittings or switches and is likely to be indicative the system is dated or installed by an amateur.

Door seen by our Chartered Surveyors at the entrance to a Birmingham roof conversion whilst undertaking a RICS Homebuyers Survey Report. The door is inadequate as it will not provide protection to the occupier of the roof if a fire breaks out. Our surveyors look for evidence such doors can resist a fire and smoke for half an hour. We also check that doors to bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens on floors below provide half an hours fire resistance to provide an escape corridor for anybody in the roof void.

Historic fire with back boiler to provide central and hot water heating seen by our Birmingham Surveyors during a Level 2 property survey. These applicances can no loger be fitted new due to the risk of carbon monoide poisioning. Our surveyors always ensure that any rooms that they are in have external ventialtion. It may be had to find engineers willing to work on them. Any new boiler is likely to have to be in a differnt location to comply with flue regualtions increasing the expense due to the need to re-route heating and gas pipes.

View looking down in to the ceiling of a flat dormer window roof as seen by our Birmingham Surveyors during a RICS Level 2 Homebuyers Survey Report. The omission of the insulation is a common problem with these type of properties especially if constructed in the 1960's. Improvement of the insulation is likely to be difficult without removing the ceiling. 

This buckled window frame was due to substantial foundation failure of a property built in the late 1960's. Our Birmingham surveyors considered it likely that an escape from a drian had washed away very sandy ground. The purchaser had only a mortgage valuation before buying the property. The movement was not reported by the mortgage surveyor possibly as is incresingly common the property was valued from the kerb or even by automated desktop valuation. The purchasr sold the house on to a builder at a £20,000 loss. This is many times the cost of a Level 2 RICS Homebuyers Survey which will pick up exactly this type of defect.

Severe beetle infestation of timbers used to line a cellar. Our surveyors considered that beetles had been greatly encourgaed by the cellar having no external ventilation. Good ventilation of sub floor areas and roof voids will considerably help combat rot and beetle infesations.

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