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Birmingham Area Chartered Surveyors Surveyors for Independent RICS Surveyors Homebuyers Reports and Building Surveys, Full Structural Surveys and Residential Property Valuations.


Steve Butler RICS Chartered Surveyor is an independent Birmingham Residential Property Surveyor with thirty years experience of surveying and valuing property in the Birmingham area. Offices at Sutton Coldfield and Solihull ensure have a good local knowledge for surveying and valuing properties in North, South and East of Birmingham.  As an independent surveyor I am able to offer a flexible rather than prescriptive response to clients structural survey, building survey, homebuyers report and valuation requirements.  You can always speak to one of our Chartered Surveyors directly, or come along to site. And unlike the corporates surveyors we don't have to rush off to the next job, so the survey and valuation report get the time they deserve. For peace of mind my mandatory RICS Surveyors p.i insurance is underwritten by the global Lloyds Insurance company.


Independent Homebuyers Report by Birmingham RICS Chartered Surveyors on a 1934 Semi detached house.

Our Birmingham independent RICS surveyors noted damp stains, a sagging floor, old inefficient boiler, substandard roof structure and mould.

The thickness of the entrance arch suggests to our surveyor that this property has solid brick walls that will be relatively cold and prone to condensation.  An uneven damp proof course suggested to our surveyor that the property had suffered structural movement due to early settlement of the foundations. The surveyor considered it to be long standing and unlikely to develop. The bricks below the dpc are covered with salts which have been left as damp evaporates off. The bricks are also starting to disintegrate due to frost damage.

The face of the roof is distorted due to a warped longitudinal structural timber. Our surveyors considered the distortion to be long standing and unlikely to progress. Our surveyors noted mould on the roof structure and suggested that ventilation be improved to prevent condensation.  A small number of tiles are starting to disintegrate due to frost damage. The pointing of the hip tiles is eroding. Our surveyors considered that there was little point in replacing it as it would easily break off again.  If loose the hip tiles need to be lifted off and re-bedded.

A thin flat lead roof suggested to our surveyors that it was most unlikely to be insulated and will thus be cold and prone to condensation.

Badly misted glazing unit due to failure of the edge seals. The seals often fail due to them sitting in water as a result of the drainage holes on the frame being blocked. Our surveyors were concerned that small openers means there is no escape in the event of fire.

Our surveyors considered condensation the likely cause of a damp stain on the internal wall as the skirting board was dry and the wall below the stain was also dry. There was also no source of moisture for the stain to be caused by a leak.


Homebuyers Survey Report on a 1950's Birmingham Flat by RICS Surveyors

Our Independent Birmingham RICS Chartered Surveyors noted a leaking roof, penetrating damp, a buckled and frost damaged wall


RICS Birmingham building surveyors homebuyers survey and report on a 1950 terrace 

Our Birmingham RICS building surveyors found non standard construction, a leaning chimney, cold concrete floor and open stair rails

Our surveyors noted that this had one been of non-traditional concrete panel construction. Until re-clad it would not have been mortgagable. The panels were prone to falling off due to corrosion of the fixings. They were also very cold.

Our surveyors noted a concrete first floor projecting over the entry. This is also likely to be very cold and improvement of the insulation will be difficult.

The chimney leans slightly to the south west. Our surveyors thought it likely that the cement mortar joints contain sulphates and these have caused the mortar to expanded on the side of the chimney that get wet from the rain. This chimney is not tall and so our surveyors thought it likely to be stable but should be monitored.

The roof is supported on a series of prefabricated trussed rafters. Our surveyors were concerned that the roof structure might not be stable as the horizontal bracing which ties them all together is missing. Fortunately remedial works are inexpensive.

Our surveyors warned that a child could trap their head in the widely spaced railings or fall though the section where the rails are missing.


RICS Birmingham surveyors homebuyers report on a 1950 bungalow


Our Birmingham Chartered Surveyors found a moss infested roof, blocked gutters, limited insualtion, and rotten timbers 


 Photographs from our Birmingham surveyors recent Homebuyers report on a 1950's Birmingham semi-detached house

Our Birmingham Chartered Surveyors found severe damp problems, rotten decking, and strange objects in the garden on the Building Survey of this 1950 Birmingham house. The property has a narrow side side extension, Our surveyors thought that it likely to have cost much more that the value it added to the property. The chimney pointing is eroded. Our surveyors thought that repairs might be expensive if as with correct practice a scaffold is used. Our surveyors were concerned that a loose hanging tile is about to drop possibly on somebody's head. Two neat footprints alerted our surveyors to the dangers of a rotten deck. These decks are also very slippery in winter. This chap likes his beer at Ground Temperature which is a steady eight degrees just below the surface. Our surveyors like cold beer too, but where not so sure that the wanted half of a harrier jump jet in their own garden. The roof void contained six water tanks far in excess of anything that our surveyors had previously seen. Our Chartered surveyors found a black area of wall in the cellar where an underground water tank has leaked behind the wall. The damp has been contained by an impervious lining and spread. The round holes are a fruitless attempt to inject silicone into a wall to control damp. 


 Chartered Surveyors Homebuyers Report on a 1940 Terrace at Birmingham


Our Birmingham Chartered Surveyors found blocked air bricks, unvented chimneys, substandard roof structure, poor insulation and substandard electrics


Independent Property Survey of a 1930 Semi detached house in Birmingham

Our Birmingham RICS surveyors found damp floors, an uninvited guest, fractued roof and potentially hazardous stair rails 


Homebuyers Survey of a Birmingham 1910 Semi detached house by our independent property surveyors

Our Birmingham Chartered Surveyors found structural movement, a persistent leak, frost damage and an insecure ceiling whilst carrying out an RICS Homebuyers Survey of this Birmingham 1910 semi detached house


 Photographs from our independent RICS Chartered Surveyors Homebuyers Survey and Report on a 1932 Redditch Terrace

Our Redditch surveyors found penetrating dampness, condensation poor rainwater goods and corrosion of a lintel on the survey of this 1932 Redditch terrace house.







Independent RICS Chartered Property Surveyors Birmingham 





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